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"The key to understanding Josee Allard is that she’s built, born, and destined to entertain.  While this reggae/pop song "All Night Long" it’s a departure from what I’ve heard from her in the past, I can personally vouch for the fact that she’s every bit as alluring, enchanting, and entertaining as ever here and that she is a hybrid artist when it comes right down to it."

-Sleeping Bag Studios


"A stunning collection of rich folk-inspired songs."

- The Band Camp Diaries

"With our current social and political climate, tracks such as “Love is All We Need” from her Burning Rain EP aren’t just refreshing, they’re essential.The level of talent combined with the quality of the production isn’t something that we get to hear every day."

- A&R Factory



Often compared to a female version of Jack Johnson, British Columbia native Josee Allard is a Folk-Pop Singer-Songwriter & multi-instrumentalist who has been living in the Northern Adirondacks, NY for the last 10 years. She released her 6th album “Montreal Solo Acoustic Sessions” in 2020 and performs with her band The Josee Allard Trio which consists of Michael Dufort on percussions and Kevin Glennon on electric guitar. They  play "Feel Good" music originals and covers from Fleetwood Mac, Keith Urban, Tracy Chapman & more....











Josee Allard is a dynamic performer, exuding positive energy and passion at every show she performs. A resident of Merrill, NY in the Adirondack Mountains, she has a natural gift for hooks and melodies and always leaves her audience feeling good and wanting more. Josee has a heartwarming way of relating life experiences through her songwriting, whether it’s falling in love, enjoying a snowy day or supporting a friend through life’s challenges, her guitar, bass or ukulele help her tell the story. And when she breaks out the harmonica, things really start to cook!

Born in British Columbia, Canada, Josee is fluent in both English and French.  The Folk-Pop multi-instrumentalist moved to New York State to be closer to the Montreal music scene, captivating both Francophone and Anglo audiences with her powerful performance style and audience interaction.  Clever lyrics and song structure, a keen sense of melody, a sixth sense when it comes to a hook and the playing chops to pull it all together make her a popular regional performer, invited back to every venue she plays. 

When reflecting on her influences, Josee cites fellow Canadian singer-songwriter Sara McLachlan, the pop-rock-country style of Sheryl Crow, and the folk rock, multi-instrumentalist style of Jack Johnson. Her 2014 album, Day by Day, produced by singer-songwriter Pascal Dufour whom she met in Montreal, was well received by the press, calling Josee “the next female version of Jack Johnson”. The pair released a new EP in May 2019, her fifth album, titled Burning Rain, which has been receiving regular airplay all over Canada on CBC as well as independant radio station in the U.S. such as 104.7FM The Point in Burlington, VT and NPR. It features handpicked seasoned musicians from Montreal and five original songs written by Josee, which range in style from folk to pop to country.


Also just released in 2020, 13 new original songs from "Montreal Solo Acoustic Sessions" which fans are quoting to be "Great tunes, works great just vocals & guitar and beautiful words". Songwriting is her biggest passion but especially collaborating with other artists. You can find her name under the song credits for many artists including  Star Academie runner up Carolanne D'Astous Paquet and percussionist Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite!  


On her newest single "All Night Long" (May 2021) Josee has completely changed directions! During the pandemic she decided to invest in studio recording equipment and learn how to use pro tools. Since there were no shows, she wanted to stay creative and kept writing songs but also wanted to take it further! Her friends noticed that when she performs live sometimes she break into a free style rap and improvises something right there on the spot, usually with a Jamaican accent and vibe, which is totally strange because she is a Canadian red head!. Anyway they said you should totally do a reggae song show she took on the challenge! Soon after that Josee and her trio recorded a 6 song EP titled "Breaking Down" which finally came out (April 2023). 


Allard has opened for some big name acts on the Québec music scene including Jean Leloup, leader of the Francophone pop renaissance, and Diane Dufresne, singer of popular Quebec songs. She has won many awards from singing competitions in Canada & the U.S and one of her career highlights was representing Francophone Canada at the Vancouer 2010 Winter Olympics. Most rewarding though has been seeing her son Charles follow in her footsteps as he loves to sing and play music. Allard will be performing songs from her latest EP's and more with her band, The Josee Allard Trio, which consists of Michael Dufort on percussion and Kevin Glennon on electric guitar.  Josee also performs with Tammy Myatt, their duo is called "Bluebird" and they write songs together and perform original songs! You can find all upcoming SHOWS HERE!
















Michael grew up in Whippleville, NY and has been playing drums for thirty-two years in local bands such as Thirty1&Mandolin, Soulshine, 393 Above and Wizards in Winter. His biggest influences include Pink Floyd, The Shins, Ben Folds, Modest Mouse, and Band of Horses. He lives in Malone, NY with his wife, Erika and their six kids.

Kevin Glennon is renowned as one of the best guitarists in the North Country. He grew up in Brainardsville, NY and started playing guitar when he was nine years old. He made his start playing campsites and teen dances when he was sixteen and has been teaching guitar and music theory for eighteen years. He has played in local bands over the past thirty plus years including The KGB, Paid Company, Missguided &The Boneyard Bluesband.

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